Medeli GRAND510

The Medeli GRAND510, a fantastic piano with the appearance of a real grand piano. However, it is not only the aspect that strikes. This grand piano features Medeli's high quality K8 keyboard and therefore has the touch and feel of a real grand piano. Three sensors ensure that the touch (and also the release) of the button is correctly recorded and displayed. Thanks to the 2 x 60 watt amplifier and speakers, this piano sounds very good.

Rich in sounds and drum kits, functions such as split, dual, harmony and DSP effects make it an instrument suitable for everyone.
Auto Accompaniment has 270 different styles and 192 recording memories. Finally, the grand piano is equipped with a 16-track sequencer and the recorded songs can be saved as MP3 files on a USB stick

Medeli DP650K

DP650K represents a turning point in Medeli's latest technology with the new A5 processor and the new 88-note three-sensor hammer action keybed. The result is a piano that captures the most detailed expression in the musician's sound and touch.

5-layer piano power tone powered by MARS technology

The new piano sound offers a lot of realism and details that reflect the subtler changes of the performer, credited to MARS technology. Together with the brand new processor, A5, the power of the DP650K is waiting to be released. Each note is carefully crafted with 5 piano sound levels, capturing the best tonal changes, such as volume changes and color tone changes as a tone decays. 256 polyphony is equipped in A5, ensuring that no notes are to be missed when playing fast and complicated music.

Medeli DP460K

Medeli DP460K is the largest version of DP420K. DP460K offers more like wider polyphony, more sounds, a GM bank and the ability to write data to a USB stick.
The DP460K has a fully weighted pianokey. The keyboard is very playable for pianists of all levels. The K8 keyboard has 3 sensors that make the response to the player even better.

Since the instrument is equipped with a GM bank, it also has the ability to play standard MIDI files (SMF files). It is also possible to record audio files in MP3 format, every sound played is recorded and stored in MP3 format on a USB stick
The instrument has automatic accompaniment with 50 styles that can be played in different musical styles.

The MIDI inputs and outputs can be used to connect the piano to external MIDI devices and computers. With a USB adapter cable you can connect the piano to an iPad and, for example, use it with an app like PianoDoReMi. The USB connection can also be used as an audio interface so that audio can be sent via USB to the recording software on the computer

Medeli DP420K

asti: triple 88-key sensor
Display: LCD
Polyphony: 128
Voices: 40
Split: Yes
Twinova: Yes
Accompaniment styles: 50
Registration memory: none
Songs: 60
Demo: 2
Registration: 5 user songs
Connections: AUX in (1/4 "stereo jack), AUX output (1/4" stereo jack), MIDI input, MIDI output, USB, headphones (1/4 "stereo jack), pedals (Sustain, Soft , Supported)
Power supply: DC15V / 2500mA
Amplifier: 2 x 20 watts
Dimensions: 1400 x 492 x 910 mm (wxdxh)
Weight: 59 kg
Accessories included: power supply, manual

Medeli DP330

The Medeli DP330 is very suitable for keyboard players who want to switch to a keyboard with weighted keys, obviously also for playing the pianist who occasionally wants to make music with an accompaniment. The piano is in fact equipped with a complete accompaniment module, which can also be found on keyboards, it is possible to play with different rhythms and accompaniments. Dual and Harmony functions are also integrated.

A split function is also available which allows you to play different sounds in the left and right hands, for example a bass sound can be played with the left hand and a piano sound in the right hand. The DSP can be used to add depth to the sound by adding a long or short reverb.

A simple but powerful recording function is incorporated. The accompaniment plus 5 separate tracks can be recorded in 1 of the 10 songs. These songs can be played later or can be replaced by a new song.

Medeli DP280K

The Medeli DP280K, a piano for pianist with higher requirements in terms of keyboard and pleasure of playing. The Medeli DP280K is equipped with Medeli's high-quality K8 keyboard. The keyboard has a coating that gives you the feeling of playing on a keyboard with an ivory top layer. The keyboard is equipped with 3 sensors in order to also record the release of the button.

For study purposes, it is useful to connect an external audio source, such as an MP3 player or CD player, to play along with existing music.
The dual and harmony functions make everything even more fluid thanks to the possibility of assigning an extra sound to the part played. The dual function adds a second sound, making the whole sound fuller because it gives the impression that two instruments are playing simultaneously. The harmony function adds harmony to the keys played to create a sort of duet.

Medeli DP260

The Medeli DP260, a lounge piano with 88 weighted hammer action keys. The Medeli K6 keyboard offers a fully weighted piano keyboard, perfect for studying the piano and simply playing the piano. A solid keyboard with good expressive properties for a realistic piano feel. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčsensitivity can, of course, be set as desired.

The piano is suitable for musicians who primarily play the instrument for piano sound, but there is a choice of 16 different sounds such as piano, electric piano, vibraphone, various organs, strings and accordion.

In addition, functions such as dual and split are provided, and there is also a simple recording option so that the music track being played can be recorded and listened to later.

The Twinova function is an excellent function for studies or piano lessons. The keyboard is divided into two equal parts with exactly the same sound and intonation so that it can be used in a lesson situation without using an additional piano (the left side sounds and sounds exactly like the right side).

If playing the piano is not enough, the DP260 can also be used to control the external sequencer software and / or a DAW so that you can record complete music productions.

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